This project was comprised of an international team, of which, the client hired an interior design firm to produce detailed concept drawings.  The architect and engineer team, through intensive coordination, translated this concept into detailed construction drawings and eventually into a near exact replication of the computer generated version.  The existing condition was within an office warehouse tilt wall shell; therefore, the project is an interior build-out at the scale of 30,000 sq. ft and includes a showroom on the main floor and administrative office space on a mezzanine floor.  The principal purpose of the design is the showcasing of large format medical imaging equipment.  Methods of presentation and lighting were key to accomplishing this purpose.

The length of this project from design to completion was approximately 2 years.  This architect, operating on a contract basis as project architect to the architect of record, carried out all roles and responsibilities for the completion of the project ranging from client and consultant coordination to production of construction documents to construction administration.