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Stella Maris Architecture offers two levels of service in Residential and Light Commercial construction.  The type of construction includes New Construction, Remodel, and Interior Build-Out.  Residential includes single family and also extends to small scale community planning or "boutique" scale development.  Light Commercial construction may be defined as less than 25,000 square ft. and less than 4 stories. Experience in this type of construction includes retail, restaurant, office, medical,  and hospitality.

The two levels of service offered and described below are designed to accommodate you whether you are at the initial pre-design stage or have progressed to the design and actualization stage of your project.  Please study the design philosophy of Stella Maris Architecture; for this firm's identification with these ideals and your identification with these ideals will be the fundamental basis for the investment of time, energy, and value into the project.


This level of service will undertake the project from design to actualization.

This is the typical service and contains the usual phases of the architectural process after pre-design and feasibility.  It will rehearse the pre-design phase, but at a more intensive level.  The following is a description of the phases of this level.

  • ​Schematic Design:  this phase is the bridge from pre-design into design development.  It is a more intense study of the pre-design phase, but with the new purpose of generating a design proposal.  The design concept will be solidified and presented in the form of preliminary drawings and renderings.
  • Design Development:  this phase proceeds from the clarification and acceptance of the design concept from the previous.  It will explore and finalize the aesthetics and the owner requirements; and introduce the accepted design to the various consultants for review and design.
  • ​Construction Documents:  this phase presupposes final acceptance of the building design and prepares the drawings required for bidding, permit, and construction.  It will finalize and document the technical requirements of the architecture, engineered systems, code compliance, finish selections, and product specification​s.​
  • Bidding: this phase may occur during the CD phase because it does not generally require completely detailed construction drawings, but does require sufficient information for contractors to provide a contract estimate of construction cost.  This phase will produce an actual budget for the project.  The architect will procure bidders (if required by the client), organize the bidding requirements, answer questions from the bidders, qualify the bids, and assist the client in contractor selection.  The client may choose not to competitively procure a contractor, as well.
  • Contract Administration:  this phase commences after the client concludes the contract with the contractor.  It is essentially verifying that the contractor is adhering to the contract, which includes the construction documents.  It includes reviewing and certifying amounts due to the contractor, reviewing and approving the contractor's submittals, preparing change orders, and making periodic site visits to address problems and verify progress and completion.

         Note: The Contract Administration phase has varying levels of                       participation from the architect according to client requirements.

Full Design Services requires the collaboration of various consultants and Stella Maris Architecture is pleased to offer the services of these talented consultants as required for a particular project:

  • Energy Analysis and Design

  • Interior Design

  • Lighting Design

  • Space Planning

  • Landscape Design

  • ​Engineering - Civil, Structural, MEP, etc.​

The fee for this level of service is contingent on various parameters of the project.  Stella Maris Architecture will need an understanding of these parameters to propose the fee.


This level of service is designed to assist you in the initial stage of the project, when the primary focus is information gathering and trying to understand the process.

This consultation will endeavor to clarify the planning, feasibility, and concept for your project and it will deliver, first through a series of meetings and afterwards in the form of a summary report, the following pre-design information:

  • Identification of project parameters in terms of an order of magnitude budget estimate, regulatory issues, and site constraints
  • Review and discussion of the program - type and concept of functions and spaces - for your project
  • Discuss project goals and the design concept
  • Explain the pre-design, design, and construction process and generate a preliminary timeline
  • Identify opportunities for your project


This process for reviewing and delivering the pre-design information will consist of the following:

  • A site visit to familiarize the architect with the site, you, the client, and the goals and concepts for the project

  • A formal meeting to discuss the project's pre-design information

  • A formal report summarizing the pre-design information as discussed at the meeting with additional insights from the architect (delivered from 1-2 weeks after the meeting depending on complexity and scheduling).

  • A follow-up call to discuss the report

The fee for this level of service will be as follows, but may be adjusted at the architect's discretion per review of project complexity.