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PALLADIANA, Spring Issue, 2020

​Stella Maris Architecture, in collaboration with the artist Madison Brake, is honored to be published in Palladiana, the Journal of Center for Palladian Studies in America, the national organization devoted to the education and promotion of the legacy of Andrea Palladio, the renowned and universally influential architect of the Renaissance.

The article is third in a series devoted to the understanding of the fundamental principles of architecture, first by reflection of basic principles in nature, and finally, by reflection of the same principles in architecture, making reference to the Villa Emo by Palladio as a means of demonstration. It was fruitful year of collaboration with contemporary experts, study of the perennial wisdom of ancient times, and untiring efforts of a talented artist to make manifest these abstract principles.


OLD HOUSE JOURNAL, Nov - Dec, 2018

An extensive renovation of a 1911 historic home on Galveston Bay included an addition of a garage, an apartment, and two story porch - shown below; the addition was undertaken by Stella Maris Architecture. Old House Journal published the entire project in their December 2018 "Reader's Favorite" edition.

​​"Best Residential Architectural Planning Firm - Texas"

BUILD Magazine, 2020

The following is an excerpt from the press release:
"United Kingdom, 2020– BUILD Magazine has announced winners of the 2020 Architecture Awards.
Now in its fifth year, BUILD’s Architecture Awards programme continues to be an annual cornerstone, highlighting the extraordinary work and expertise of Architects around the world. Despite a year defined by difficulty in all shapes and sizes, the architecture landscape has continued to tick along in the background. After all, Architects take a more macro perspective – with projects often taking years to see completion. Even when the entire business world settles to a quiet murmur, architecture (and design) continues on behind the scenes, creating, evolving and innovating."

The editorial award page of the online publication:https://www.build-review.com/winners/stella-maris-architecture-2/

The official press release:https://www.build-review.com/build-magazine-announces-the-2020-architecture-award-winners/

P U B L I C A T I O N S 

"Best Architectural Planning Firm - Texas" and "Best Residential and Mixed Use Planning Project: The Homestead."

BUILD Magazine, 2019

The following is an excerpt from the press release:
"United Kingdom, 2019– BUILD Magazine has announced winners of the 2019 Architecture Awards.
Launched in 2015, each year the prestigious 2019 Architecture Awards recognize and acknowledge the outstanding works conducted by imaginative designers, engineers and visionaries, whose inspiring and memorable designs and structures enhance our horizons."

The editorial award page of the online publication: https://www.build-review.com/issues/architecture-awards-2019/82/

The official press release: https://www.build-review.com/the-2019-architecture-awards-press-release/