Houston, TX, 2000 - Proposed

This unbuilt project is the result an individual design charrette, which is an intensive short period of design development, in this case about three weeks.  The program for the charrette outlined a modern dwelling for a small family on a typical lot size of 50' x 100'; therefore, a typical house in a modern style.  The proposed design, in a nod to the modern design principles, used the classic five points of modern design as a means to stylize the house.  These points are: 1) pilotis - structural support by an internal column system rather than bearing walls; 2) free facade - an external envelope free from the traditional role of structural bearing; 3) free plan - an floor plan also free from this same traditional role; 4) ribbon window - an application of the free facade; 5) roof garden - a flat roof serving as a gardened terrace.  This proposal deviated from the fifth point to permit an playful gesture to the modern machine aesthetic.  The roof is a subtle reference to a crankshaft of an engine.  What might otherwise be a cold interpretation of this reference is softened by the use of curving roofs.  The garden is displaced to ground level and interacts with the internal spaces whose interaction is unhindered by a transparent, free facade.