Interior Finish Board

Interior Finishes for The Homestead are selected, physical samples obtained, and composed in a 48" X 30" format.  Attention to detail and craftsmanship is a guiding principle throughout all scales of The Homestead and the development style may be described as Arts and Crafts.  The cultivation of the natural environment is another principle and is translated into the selection of the finishes.  Natural stained wood of various species is the unifying finish and is used in the flooring, heavy timber, and cabinetry.  Natural stone is also common.  Marble and granite is selected for flooring, counter tops, and select walls.  The walls are finished in stucco, wallpaper, and paint colors.  The wallpapers are at times themed to the natural exterior setting and at times to ornate patterns reminiscent of Arts and Crafts.  Hardware and fixtures of various metal finishes are selected to elaborate a crafted aesthetic.  Ceramic, glass, and artisan tiles decorate bathrooms and the kitchen.  Moldings and trim are simplified versions of classical known as revival styles of the American tradition.  Special care is taken that these styles are faithfully reproduced.  One exception is observed in the fireplace.  There, as a centerpiece of the house, the fireplace is executed in direct reference to the classical order of the Tuscan.  The stone used in this fireplace is displayed in the "Common Area."  It is two marbles of white and red originating from Greece.