Shoreacres, TX, TBA

The builder, an owner of a plumbing company in the Houston area, determined to start up a residential construction company.  He approached the architect with the purpose of designing a modest, but striking initial model home for this company.  As the site has a slight slope to an adjacent ravine and local flood prevention ordinances require elevation of the house, the concept proposes divisions of program spaces according to elevation heights.  The entrance into a fountained hall progresses down a short flight of steps to a lower kitchen patio and the elevated main living floor is flanked and divided from the more private sleeping quarters by a shift in floor elevation of an additional 30 inches.

Complementing this spatial concept is a careful selection of materials, facilitated by the client's employment of a talented interior designer.  A vigorous collaboration unsued, which produced a palatte of natural materials in the vocabulary of clay and ventilation bricks and cedar wood exterior as well as charactered composites of simulated marble in the interior.