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​​Color Illustrations of Prototype House

This series of illustrations represent a prototype house for this development.  The development will have homes (and businesses, if mixed use) at different scales and designs, but this prototype contains typical vocabulary and concepts that shall be common to all the buildings.  These concepts are explained in the various studies undertaken for this project shown in related pages for this project in this website and are briefly explained below.  Please see the concept brochure, specifically, for an explanation of the overall design concepts.  

The site development approach is termed "Integration with Nature."  Therefore, the house is contextualized in a forest setting; the existing vegetation shall be preserved.  The house itself is based on modular structural bays of heavy timber.  The heavy timber as a natural renewable building material coincides with the site development approach.  The heavy timber is the aesthetic of the building, whose aesthetic may be loosely classified as "Craftsman Style."  The social aspect of the development is critical and is termed "Pedestrian Community" in the concept brochure.   As an example of this, closer to the house, the landscape and hardscape assumes a designed, formal character and contextualizes the social outdoor areas of the house.  

​By the use of passive heating and cooling strategies, this integration with nature is carried into the methods of heating and cooling the buildings on the site.  The passive cooling strategies include maximizing vegetation and tree shade cover; a breathable lot density at minimum 1/4 acre per lot; building orientation to prevailing breezes; elevation of the building to facilitate breezes; ventilation and solar control at windows through double hung windows, operable louvered shutters and deep roof overhangs; stack ventilation at two story spaces; ventilated roof construction; light non-heat retaining building materials.  Passive heating strategies are not emphasized for this project, but the fireplace as the traditional architectural "heart" of the home will provide warmth and a background for the central social area in the interior.  Conventional hvac will also be standard for de-humidification and heating, when necessary.