A R T I S T I C   C O N S U L T A N T 

Madison Brake is a writer and freelance illustrator with experience in editorial illustration, children's books, document design, concept art, and more. She earned her BFA at Ringling College of Art and Design where she studied Illustration and her MFA at the University of Central Florida where she studied Creative Writing. Most of her work is focused on the natural world as well as projects that bring together visual art and the written word. She can be reached at madbrakeart@gmail.com.​

Madison has collaborated with Stella Maris Architecture in elaborating architectural concepts and designs through her gift of illustration in projects such as the "Four Causes" published in the prestigous national publication, Palladiana; and in the firm's pre-design services such as the programming report published for the non-profit organization Stella Maris Center.

T H E   A R C H I T E C T

Hello!  Thank you for your interest in Stella Maris Architecture.  My hope is that after gaining a familiarity with my work, principles, and experience, you may see a good opportunity for collaboration!  I earned a bachelor's degree in Architecture at the University of Houston in the year 2002, Cum Laude, and have the equivalent of a bachelor of philosophy in ancient philosophy.  I lived a semester in France engaged in architectural study during college years and have visited Europe since then with the purpose of complementing my architectural education.  My work experience includes residential and commercial: retail, restaurant, office, medical, hospitality, storage, etc.  Some of those projects may be seen in the "selected works" page.  I am professionally licensed to practice in Texas.

The design philosophy for Stella Maris Architecture may be best summarized in the motto:

 Integritas.  Consonantia.  Claritas.​  Please click to read more about this motto.

This motto declares a pursuit of beauty in Architecture and provides criteria for achieving it.  Furthermore, this practice endeavours to maintain excellence in client communication, design process and drawings, and delivery of a well crafted work of architecture.